Pregnacare Conception- Complete review of Benefits, effects, dosage and more

Vitabiotics Pregnacare Conception – Does it work?

Pregnacare is a range of products developed by the Vitabiotics research and pharmaceutical team, and it consists of three main categories:
Pre-Pregnancy, During pregnancy and After Pregnancy.

This is a “Before Pregnancy” supplement created for women who wish to reproduce and have a baby but is struggling to conceive, and this may be due to poor diet, stressful lifestyle or other reasons.

It contains all of the essential nutrients a women needs most in order to have a successful fertilization and start the journey of pregnancy. And due to the reputation and success stories of this product, several studies and researches have been conducted in Universities in the UK and the results were positive, these researches have been published on various places such as UK National express and also British journal of nutrition.

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It also got multiple awards due to the high success rate of the women using this product, such as:
Winner of queen’s award for innovation, Tommy’s award,
Voted as “favourite pregnancy product” by Boots for 2017

Pregnacare Conception VS Pregnacare his and hers?

There are 3 different supplement in the Pre-Pregnancy range that often times people get confused with:

  1. Wellman Conception: Which is designed specifically for the male partners to help them conceive.
  2. Pregnacare Conception: Which is designed for female partners to help them have a successful fertilization and pregnancy, it doesn’t mean that by taking this supplement that they can throw healthy diet and lifestyle out of the window.
  3. Pregnacare His & Her Conception: It’s simply a 2-in-1 pack containing both supplements mentioned above (Wellman and Pregnacare conception), and they are identified by purple color for men, and pink color for women.


It’s a supplement consisting of a comprehensive range of essential nutrients, multi-vitamins and minerals that helps the body to get all round health but the ingredients have been carefully selected specifically to help increase fertility of women and be able to get pregnant.

It does NOT contain: Gelatine, Gluten, artificial colors, preservatives, salt, yeast, drugs or hormones.

Dosage – How to use it:

Should be Taken daily (one tablet only) with water after your main meal (not on an empty stomach), and do not take additional food supplements (multivitamins and other nutrients) while taking this supplement.

How long does it take to see results?

Ideally, this supplement must be taken for 3-6 months before trying to conceive a baby with your partner so the effects and benefits can build up in your body over time.
(for best results it’s advised to consider Wellman conception for him).

It’s also strongly recommended that women should also make an effort to adopt a healthier diet and drink plenty of water daily.


This supplement is made especially for women with Active or even stressful lives

  • It maintains the levels of Folic acid in the body, and this alone has many benefits:
    – Reduces the risk of high blood pressure
    – Helps in preventing certain birth defects.
    – Contributes to the prevention of anaemia.
    – Helps the body to product and maintain new cells which plays an important in pregnancy.
  • Improves the fertility and health of the female reproductive system,
    It contains Vitamin B6 which regulates the levels of hormones, zinc which helps in maintaining the fertility.
  • Improves general health and energy levels

It contains a comprehensive range of vitamins and nutrients which helps in regulating energy release to avoid crashes, and boosts the immune and nervous system.

Side effects (is it safe?)

Pregnacare conception does not contain hormones or drugs, so it does not affect your menstrual cycle, also one case study showed that cycles were more regular during the supplement, but also it’s important to mention that some women have experienced irregular period cycles after coming off the supplement which can last up to 6 months, so don’t hesitate to consult a doctor if you have any concerns. However if you experience a delay in your cycle, then you should do a pregnancy test.

However after researching the comments of users, these were the down sides that were repeated by more than one user:

  • Tablets are a “bit too big”.
  • Increase in the appetite.
  • Increase in the cycle of periods.

Customer reviews and success stories

I know that you are looking for REAL customer reviews, I looked at the customer reviews on the Vitabiotics websites, and all of feedback are excellent reviews, which is great, but there is a chance that they only approved the positive ones, so I decided to look at other places on the internet (like Forums and Amazon) in which they have no control over them, so you can be confident when making your decision.

Amazon reviews

Vitabiotics Pregnacare Conception reviews and success stories from Amazon Customers

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