Wellman Max – review of Benefits, effects, dosage and more

Vitabiotics Wellman Max – How it works?

Wellman is a range of products consisting mainly of men’s food supplements developed by the Vitabiotics research and pharmaceutical team, Wellman Max is considered a top of the range for health and wellness of average men and pro athletes. It’s a developed for men who desire a healthier and simpler lifestyle.

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What’s the difference between Wellman Max VS Original?

There are 3 different supplement in the Wellman supplement category for men’s health and a lot of people get confused about the difference between them and which one to buy:

  • Calcium and Vitamin D: a general supplement for the health of Bones and teeth.
  • Wellman Original: Which is a comprehensive and advanced combination of vitamins, nutrients and minerals to help men achieve a healthier lifestyle and vitality.
  • Wellman Plus Omega 3-6-9: Which is a product consisting of the three Omega oils from high quality sources, fish, olive and seeds oil in addition to other vitamins.
  • Wellman Max This is basically all of the above compressed into a single pack, it’s the top of the range for men who want maximum nutrition support conveniently without having to use multiple supplements.


It does not contain: Gluten, preservations, artificial colors, salt or yeast.

The full list of ingredients Advanced vitamin and mineral tablets with Omega-3-6-9 capsules plus calcium and vitamin D tablets.

Dosage and side effects (is it safe?)

Vitabiotics always say that they “avoid any excessive amounts of dose in accordance with official upper safe limits for vitamins and minerals.”
And also they “avoid mega dose levels of isolated nutrients and instead they have always stressed the importance of safe, moderate and sensible levels of vitamins and minerals, carefully balanced to maximise their combined effect. This is an approach that many researchers and experts have been supporting for decades. “ [1]

However if you are taking other medications and are worried if it’s safe to take this one at the same time then maybe you should consult your doctor.

How to use it:

There are three difference colors of tablets in this pack,

  1. Dark blue: This is the micronutrient and multivitamins tablet
  2. Green: This is the Omega 3-6-9 tablet
  3. Turquoise: This is the calcium and vitamin D tablet

Take three tablets per day (ONLY ONE of each color per day) with water after your main meal (not on an empty stomach), and do not take additional food supplements (multivitamins and other nutrients) while taking this supplement.


Wellman Max is made especially for all men and especially men who engage in active lives or physical activities or even professional athletes, and it’s a 3-in-1 pack consisting of three different supplements, so we’ll list the benefits of all three into a single list below:

  • Healthier Bones and teeth

  • Healthier Joints

Omega 3 Fatty acids are a great source for fighting joint stiffness, joint pain and arthritis.

  • Better Energy Release throughout the day.

It contains essential metals and nutrients (Copper, Zinc, Iron, Vitamin B1 and B6) which helps energy to be released at a consistent rate throughout the day to avoid energy crashes.

  • Sport & Exercise

It contains Iron(Fe) which is responsible for the production of red blood cells which impacts every aspect of your health, whether it’s breathing, sleeping, thinking, exercising etc.

It also contains Pantothenic acid and Magnesium, these help in reducing muscle fatigue.

  • Health & Vitality

Helps you maintain an overall healthy lifestyle by providing the nutrients your body needs.

  • Fighting ADHD and Depression

Omega 3 Fatty acids (EPA and DHA) helps in fighting ADHD and Depression, and they cannot be made by the human body and must be obtained orally through a diet.

  • Immune System

It contains certain vitamins (Vitamin A, B6, B12, C and D) and nutrients (copper and folic acid) in order to insure proper and healthy functionality of the immune system.

  • Reproductive Health

It contains Zinc which is an essential for naturally boosting testosterone levels, sperm count and quality.

How long does it take to see Results?

It is important to note that this supplement was NOT developed as a medicine or a cure for certain diseases, after making this point clear you can now set a realistic expectation which is:
Increase in health, vitality and energy after a 1-3 weeks, and Noticeable results from 1-3 months when the effects of the nutrients start to build up, so this is for men with long-term health goals.